Technical apparel that is designed, built and tested with only one thing in mind: to perform at the highest level of tournament bass fishing. We work closely with the professional bass anglers on our team to make sure our gear meets our standards of excellence and is ready to perform for you.


When tournament day comes and your money is on the line, you need every piece of equipment on your boat to perform without failure. Our technical outerwear, designed specifically for you, the tournament bass angler, was made for exactly that. You are an outdoor athlete that is dealing with an endless amount of variables, many of which you have no control over. Control what you can. Eliminate all thoughts of your technical outerwear when wearing BUCK N’ BASS. We do our job, so you can do yours.

Our RESERVOIR Rain Shell Jacket and Bibs feature the revolutionary IRON SHELL™️ material with an industry leading 50,000mm WCR (Water Column Rating). Along with our patented FULL THROTTLE HOOD™ and DRYLOC CUFFS™️. We solved the #1 problem in fishing that no competitor has been able to do in the last half century that changed tournament bass fishing forever.