November 14, 2019 3 min read

Getting into bass fishing for the first time is no small endeavor. From choosing your set up, lures and the apparel you wear, all the way up to buying a boat – there’s nothing easy about it. Lately it seems like more and more people are catching the bass bug, which means there is more great gear on the market than ever before.

With rising stars emerging from the bass tournament fishing world, and influencing more and more people to get out and try their hand at casting and catching, we saw a need for apparel that is BUILT FOR BASS by bass anglers for bass anglers.

Where We’ve Been

Imagine the performance of a bass angler (or any angler, for that matter) even 30 years ago – slow boats, little to no electronics, average lures and garbage bags for “waterproofing”. The history of fishing has been about sustenance, but also, especially with bass fishing, it’s always been about healthy competition and a love of being outdoors. Nothing beats the feel of crisp morning air nipping at you as you head out onto a beautiful lake.

As the technology revolution occured, major advancements in gear for all sports has taken place, skyrocketing performance ability and creating a growing interest in picking up a new hobby at any stage of life. Today, we see bass fishing gaining momentum in popularity, and accessibility. It’s finally time for bass anglers to have gear that’s designed solely for their specific needs.

Where We’re Headed

Maybe, like us, you’ve been fishing for bass for years, or maybe you’re making the move from another type of fishing, ready for a new challenge. Whatever’s brought you to bass fishing – welcome! We want to help you select the best, technically advanced gear possible, so you can reach your bass angling potential.

Here’s what you should keep in mind while wading through your options:

Is It really BUILT FOR BASS?

When selecting your gear, you want to make sure you’re considering fitness of use (AKA: will the mechanics and design of the gear be a fit for your needs when bass fishing?) For example, are you familiar with the water you plan on fishing? Do you know if you need a bait caster or a spinning reel? What’s the difference and how does it matter to becoming a better bass angler? We believe this same line of questioning should apply when choosing your apparel.

High-performance technical apparel is no longer reserved for pro athletes, first responders or the military. Our mission at BUCK N’ BASS is to help bring that level of sophistication and function to bass fishing gear for the first time. The options currently available tend to be the equivalent of asking a bass angler to fish with a fly rod and reel. None of it truly enhances your performance, and is likely holding you back from improving your game.

Are There Details That Make A Difference?

So much of bass fishing success is dependent on elements beyond our control: where the fish are located, what the weather has in store, the traffic holding you up on the way to the lake. With our gear, we’ve focused on what we can control, and what will make the most radical improvements to your performance. The less your gear is a distraction, the faster you can get in the zone. Our attention to detail shouldn’t even catch your attention, because it means your gear is finally not getting in the way of your time on the water.

By investing in the best possible waterproof material, adding adjusters, magnetic buckles, seamless construction and strategic pockets, BUCK N’ BASS gear has the potential to boost performance for newbies and pros alike.

We’re not saying we guarantee you’ll catch more bass in our gear, but you probably will.

BUCK N’ BASS Reservoir Series

Our technically designed jackets and bib pants are your best friend when it comes to spending more time on the water, more often and making the most of it whilst you are out there; our Iron Shell Dry technology keeps you 6x more dry than the competition, and our Casting Comfort System is built to control moisture and airflow. In other words, if you have the drive (and the right gear) to catch more bass and improve your game, we’ll see you on the water this weekend.