August 03, 2018 2 min read

Since the beginning, sportsmen have not been viewed as athletes. And for many of us, we didn’t view ourselves in that light either. Yet the accomplishments we all have had in the field have gone unrecognized as being athletic. We are here to change that view. We view what you do in the field as not only sport, yet those who are participating as athletes. And as athletes, in order to perform your best, you need to have the right gear that gives you everything you need in the field and the most important thing you need in your gear is trust. The trust that your gear, no matter what the conditions, will provide you everything you need and more for you to perform at your best.

Our focus is performance based, technical apparel that will give athletes everything they need to perform at their best in the field. 

Bryant trophy

Bryant Smith, with his 2016 Wild West Bass Trail Tournament of Champions trophy and his 2017 FLW Clear Lake Championship trophy. 

We are proud to have professional angler Bryant Smith as a BUCK N’ BASS Athlete. At only 27 years of age, Bryant is already one of the top bass anglers in the Western United States. Winning multiple tournaments on the FLW and Wild West Bass Trail Tours, Bryant is a proven champion with career earnings exceeding $350,000. Bryant fishes in tournaments year round and in all weather conditions. And as a professional athlete Bryant relies on and needs every piece of equipment on his boat including what he is wearing to be not only the best yet to be able to handle any and every situation. This need that Bryant requires from his gear we’re making it a reality for every angler to have that same level of performance in their gear too. Bryant, along with our design team, have spent the last few years developing and testing the most innovative technical fabrics and materials currently available in order to bring the best to you. We will be launching our technical line of bass fishing apparel in March of 2019. It will be gear that changes the way you approach bass fishing forever. Performance and comfort that you never thought was possible and the trust in your gear to go where ever you need to in any weather condition. Apparel that you don’t have to ever think about so you can focus on why you are on the water in the first place: to win!

Bryant Catch

Bryant Smith winning the 2018 Wild West Bass Trail Tournament of Champions. Making him a 2X WWBT Tournament of Champions winner. 

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