September 03, 2018 1 min read

With three years of research development and design we are extremely excited to announce that we have started the sampling phase of our flagship technical outerwear piece:

  • A cold weather rain jacket designed specifically for tournament bass anglers.
  • A technical outerwear piece that is so revolutionary in its design and features that it’s protected with a USPTO patent (United States Patent and Trademark Office).
  • A jacket that is so advanced that simply calling it a jacket does not do it justice.

Sewing a prototype of our bass angler technical jacket

It is a product that has its foundation built on athletic performance that will enable tournament bass anglers to perform their best in the harshest weather conditions. We are changing the way you look at fishing outerwear, technical outerwear as a whole is about to change forever, and we are leading the way.


Spearheading this is an award winning design team with the members of the team having a foundation of success in the technical outerwear industry. While also having an eye for athletic innovation and design. Stay tuned, as we will keep you posted on this revolution in technical outerwear for bass fishing.