November 11, 2019 3 min read

The road to becoming a better bass angler is paved with obstacles. Chances are that in the long run, you’re likely to lose more fish by focusing on these unexpected, uncontrollable factors than by deciding to master the ones you can control. No matter where you are in your bass angling experience, we know you’ve felt the joy of a catch and the frustration of losing one or quit early because of bad weather, elusive fish, faulty gear and, sometimes, just plain old life getting in the way of your cast.

In order to improve as serious bass anglers, we’ve chosen to focus on the following factors that can help us achieve optimal results.

Treat It Like A Performance Sport

By ignoring the uncontrollable factors, and focusing on mastery of your pursuit, you can shift your energy towards a positive, bass-riddled result. This goes without saying for many of you out there, but why not treat bass fishing the same as your gold game? Keeping up with your personal health and fitness will only add strength to your performance, whether you’re on the field or on the water. Act like a pro, and practice like a pro. Stay hydrated when you’re putting in the work, stay mentally sharp and focused on your goal: catch more and be alert when you land that big bass.

Take Care Of Your Gear

It’s not enough to go out and invest in the top-of-the-line fishing gear – you should treat it with the dignity it deserves. You wouldn’t drive a brand new truck off the lot, and never once have an oil change. Take your time to learn about your rods, your reels, your boat, electronics and the clothing you wear. We designed our BUCK N’ BASS apparel to be the ultimate in technical bass-specific details, comfort and waterproofing – and a quality item like ours demands respect. Give your bibs and jackets a wipe down with a clean towel at the end of a hard, messy day, and store them somewhere they can dry overnight. It might not seem important, but simple changes like this one will make all the difference to your fishing game.

Plan Your Execution

You wouldn’t show up to the Daytona 500 with a Prius and a prayer, so why hit the water with incorrect gear and no plan of attack? Like any hands-on pursuit, bass fishing requires strategy: which run should we cover today? What are the weather patterns telling us? Most importantly, where are all the fish? Having a solid strategy in place for your long days out there can be the difference between an alright day and an epic one.

The concept is fairly simple: you can improve your performance by choosing to focus on what you can control. No amount of prep and dedication can prevent the unexpected from happening, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it your mission to try. Be the bass angler with all their bases covered: from the right gear to the right plan to the right attitude.

BUCK N’ BASS Reservoir Series

Our technically designed jackets and bib pants are your best friend when it comes to spending more time on the water, more often and making the most of it whilst you are out there; our Iron Shell Dry technology keeps you 6x more dry than the competition, and our Casting Comfort System is built to control moisture and airflow. In other words, if you have the drive (and the right gear) to catch more bass and improve your game, we’ll see you on the water this weekend.