November 04, 2019 3 min read

Bass fishing takes dedication, it isn’t for everybody, it’s for people who like to roll up their sleeves, run down the lake and keep casting until the sun goes down. It’s for people who wake up at 4am on wet, windy, cold mornings; look at themselves in the mirror and say “I’m gonna get after’ em today.”

Our relentless need to improve is fueled by our pursuit of performance. Every bass angler worth their salt goes to bed dreaming of catching bass and wakes up ready to get better at doing it. This is what performance means in bass fishing. There is nothing in the world that kicks starts our heart and lights up our soul like a bass at the of our line.

The price you pay for that feeling is hard work. It takes a lot to get incrementally better at bass fishing, from scouting out the best spots to getting your first serious bite, it’s a never-ending learning curve from day one. Looking for an easier pursuit? Try chess.

For starters, you need to be: curious, relentless, eager and a creative problem solver. We all put in our time watching pros, talking shop with other anglers, reading, learning, observing, and most importantly, putting in the hours of practice where it matters most: on the water.

The pros will tell you that all the research and preparation in the world will only get you into so many bass. As with anything worth doing in this life, there is simply no substitute for hard work. We’ve put together a no-nonsense short list of surefire ways of becoming a better bass angler.

Spend More Time On The Water (No Matter The Forecast)

Rain or shine, it’s a fact that if you put in the practice hours, no matter your pursuit, eventually those small efforts will lead you all the way to mastery.

Becoming the best bass angler you can be is hard work, plain and simple. But if there is one thing that is true, the more time you spend on the water the better you are going to be. No pro got to where they are by sitting on the couch. They made a conscious effort to get up and get out on the foulest days, to hone their craft. Day after day, year after year.

Take The Lessons As They Come

Learning anything new is easier with mentors who have your back. Becoming a master means learning from one. The difference with a sport like bass fishing is that sometimes, Mother Nature is giving the best advice – you just have to know when to listen. Learn about the life cycle of the fish, study their environments, understand the weather patterns and how they affect your chances – become an expert on the natural playing field you’re casting into.

We believe if you follow these basic principles of bass fishing, paired with the right attitude and technical gear, your performance can improve every time your line hits the water. Or, at least you can die trying.

BUCK N’ BASS Reservoir Series

Our technically designed jackets and bib pants are your best friend when it comes to spending more time on the water, more often and making the most of it whilst you are out there; our Iron Shell Dry technology keeps you 6x more dry than the competition, and our Casting Comfort System is built to control moisture and airflow. In other words, if you have the drive (and the right gear) to catch more bass and improve your game, we’ll see you on the water this weekend.