November 18, 2019 3 min read

If you’ve ever spent a day on the water bass fishing, you already know success is all in the details. We are experienced bass anglers, we know the sport. We get it. And we’re also passionate about providing you with gear that improves your bass fishing performance in every way. We’ve identified some top issues that serious bass anglers face, and we’ve built our apparel to solve them.

Soaked by Sunup, Again?

When you’re planning on staying out in the elements all day chasing bass, the last thing you want is to zip into your still-damp jacket and bibs from the day before. Do you have two rain suits, so you can alternate between days? That was our make-do approach too, before we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We’re proud to have designed a bass fishing winter rain suit that actually keeps you 6x drier than the competition, from sunup to sundown – and will dry completely overnight. Becoming a better angler doesn’t happen by accident, you need gear as committed to excellence as you are.

Worn Out By Midday?

Because you also believe that success is all in the details, you always pre-plan your fishing days with strategy and high hopes for good conditions. Early to rise, early on the water. Stick to the plan, roll with Mother Nature’s punches.

Some call it having a game plan, but we like to think of it as designing our day. A winning day spent catching bass requires flow – and we’ve made sure our apparel addresses any and all snafoos that could threaten your flow and exhaust you on the water. Snagged your jacket again? Can’t find your pliers? Rain coming down your so hard you can barely see your line? These are all setbacks that we didn’t use to be able to control as bass anglers, but we’ve made sure our apparel solves for any “bad luck” days, while saving you time.

Our Reservoir line is made from no-snag material to reduce tears and prolong use. We also made sure our pockets were strategically placed for handy supply storage, reducing your time standing over the tackle box. That’s why we designed our innovative Full Throttle Hood™ – the only hood on the market that will stay securely in place while running down the lake at 75+mph (trust us, we’ve tested it going fast. Very fast).

Stay Out There

Exposure to the elements is the number one excuse for wearing ourselves out, and having to cut an otherwise good fishing day short. And when short and unpredictable windows for really good bass fishing pop-up, we don’t want to have to worry about our gear slowing us down anymore. Don’t worry about it. Stay out there with BUCK N’ BASS.

BUCK N’ BASS Reservoir Series

Our technically designed jackets and bib pants are your best friend when it comes to spending more time on the water, more often and making the most of it whilst you are out there; our Iron Shell Dry technology keeps you 6x more dry than the competition, and our Casting Comfort System is built to control moisture and airflow. In other words, if you have the drive (and the right gear) to catch more bass and improve your game, we’ll see you on the water this weekend.