November 21, 2019 3 min read

There’s a reason we don’t lounge at home after a long, hard day in our jeans. We all have a pair of ‘comfy pants’ for putting our feet up in – and if you say you don’t, you’re lying.

We design our apparel intentionally to suit the needs and requirements of bass fishing. Through focused technical design, we think of every last detail that will improve your performance on the water. But we always start our thought process with the king of all considerations: comfort.

Anything you wear for hours and hours without question has to be comfortable. Because if what you’re wearing isn’t comfortable, you end up distracted. And if you’re mind is wandering on the water, so will the bass.

Distraction is the enemy of performance, so we made sure our revolutionary Reservoir Bib Pants and Jacket consider your comfort above all else. When it comes to bass fishing apparel, we made sure to avoid all the most common offenders we often see in our competitors: heavy, thick, stiff, rough, itchy, damp, tight (or loose), and rigid.

For your maximum bass fishing enjoyment, here is what we did consider in our design process:

Hot vs Cold

If you’re shivering out there, you won’t make it past lunch without heading in. On the flip side, if you get too hot and dripping sweat in your rain gear, you’ll end up as wet on the inside as you are on the outside, and with very little bass to show for it. Thermal comfort is the sweet spot we designed for – that is, the satisfaction of a person with balanced thermal regulation (heat production versus heat loss) of their body. How heat is transferred and moisture is moved away from the body are huge considerations we factor in when it comes to improving your comfort on the water.

With our Casting Comfort System™, we’ve employed the action of casting as the engine that fuels your body’s ability to regulate its temperature. Considering how heat is transferred and moisture transported away from your body, we were able to create a jacket with ultimate comfort, four-way stretch and breathable vents. We call this supreme freedom of movement, and like to imagine it’s how the fish feel when they’re just chilling at home in the lake.

Ease of Movement

Sensorial comfort is a rating of the sensation when a garment comes into contact with skin. Does it chafe? Scratch? Leak water? We’re proud to say that our gear does none of these things, and feels as close to a second skin as possible. By adding airtight wrist cinching double DRYLOC CUFF™ technology, from the strongest Neoprene bass anglers have ever had the privilege of putting to the test, you won’t feel a single drop down your sleeve. And our smooth seams won’t distract you from reeling in.

Modern Look

While we may have admitted to wearing the occasional ultra-cozy gear at home, we have a deep belief that just because you’re out mucking around on the water doesn’t mean your gear shouldn’t look awesome. We happen to believe that if you look good, you feel good, you fish good – so, we ensured our designs reflect high levels of style, fit and quality on top of their technical details. We think it’s high time bass fishers had their own designated apparel; gear that tells the other bass anglers out there that you came to play.

That’s why we designed our apparel using clean lines, subtle logo placements and slim fits that still work for adding mid-layers when necessary. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have stylish, minimal gear to compliment your #1 passion. Save the sweats for the couch – but know that comfort is king at BUCK N’ BASS.

BUCK N’ BASS Reservoir Series

Our technically designed jackets and bib pants are your best friend when it comes to spending more time on the water, more often and making the most of it whilst you are out there; our Iron Shell Dry technology keeps you 6x more dry than the competition, and our Casting Comfort System is built to control moisture and airflow. In other words, if you have the drive (and the right gear) to catch more bass and improve your game, we’ll see you on the water this weekend.